My career in fitness is the best thing that ever happened to me. Not only does it help to keep me fit, healthy and in great shape, but it's also more lucrative than most people realize. Imagine being able to make $60 or more an hour, just for giving a good workout? You don't even need a college degree! I make more money than some people I know who hold master's degrees, and I don't even have to work nearly as many hours to get it. As a fitness professional, you also get to be a leader and a person that most will look up to. You make your own hours, choose what formats you like to teach, where you want to work, and best of all, you get to stay lookin' good while doing it! Free gym memberships wherever you work are part of the package!
I will show you the ins and outs of working in the fitness biz, the best organizations to get certified, resources for passing the certification exam, where to get CPR certified and more.

Topics covered:

-workshops - learn how to teach any format
-how to get hired
-how to prepare your classes
-choosing music
-tips on creating great choreography (I am the choreography MASTER!)
-how to present yourself professionally
-how to work the room!
-job leads in your city

Workshop includes reference materials (in print out form) and notes of all topics covered.

I've been teaching for nearly 15 years now, and my people will tell you, you'll be learning from the best!

Course fee: $75



We all know that the hardest thing about weight loss is being able to maintain it. So many out here lose pound after pound only to eventually gain it all back.
Here, you will learn a few simple tricks to not only lose weight, but to keep it off for good. It's not just about a particular diet or exercise, it's about having a life plan, and just by changing a few small things, you will soon find that you can still enjoy eating the foods you love, but still be able to stay fit and health at the same time. Life does not have to be just about salad!

Topics covered:

- your own personal exercise plan
- foods that will help boost your metabolism
- healthy food substitution
- the "80/20" rule
- changing the way you think about food
- how to stay fit and healthy for life!

Workshop includes reference materials (in print out form), a fitness journal and a copy of my book entitled "The Fitness Diva's Clean Living Diet". Which is really not a diet, but a "live-it" healthy lifestyle guide.

Course fee: $50

Workshop dates will be posted soon. Do check back!